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safety and security of seniors citizens From “Lost & found” to "Search & Rescue": Harnessing the strength of community and crowd GPS
 By Giang Nguyen       Wandering Safety, Tools and Technologies
Parents of young children, children with Autism, and adults who care for elderly parents with Dementia share a common fear: that their dependants will wander off into precarious situations. Once someone has wandered off, discovering their location amounts to guesswork. The good news is that Crowd GPS may offer a solution. Read more to find out how the Community can aid in search and rescue to help quickly recover your loved one.
23 AUG
safety and security of seniors citizens Why Phone-line Medical Alert Systems are being replaced by Internet-based Systems
 By Giang Nguyen       Senior Safety and Wellness
Medical Alert systems traditionally used phone-lines which resulted in relying heavily on operator centers. Modern Internet-based Alert systems efficiently eliminate the middleman, saving costs for companies and customers alike.
23 AUG
safety and security of seniors citizens How has IoT brought on an Evolution in Safety?
 By Giang Nguyen       Medical Alert Technologies
Internet of Things (IoT) based smart products offer us a better assurance of safety than ever before. Read on to find out how.
14 AUG
safety and security of seniors citizens Keys to Avoiding Senior Fall-related Injuries in the Summer
 By Giang Nguyen       Senior Safety and Wellness
The summer months provide the perfect conditions for going outdoors. Read on to find out how keeping a healthy lifestyle and embracing new technologies can help seniors prevent serious fall-related injuries during these warm days.

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