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12 JUL
safety and security of seniors citizens Practical Tips on Protecting Dementia and Autism Suffers from Wandering
 By Sanjay Chadha       Wandering safety for Dementia Suffers
You cannot watch your loved ones all the time and you cannot lock them or tether them in confined spaces as they need to be move around freely, so how to keep your loved one from wandering while giving them the freedom and space to live their lives. Here are some practical Tips: Use Company - Best wandering prevention tip is that the person likely to wander remains in company of a caregiver, so if the dementia patient wanders, the caregiver can accompany them or prevent them from wandering. Since this is not always possible below are other suggested ways to prevent wandering.
04 JUL
safety and security of seniors citizens Home Wandering protection systems for Alzheimer's, Dementia and Autism Compared
 By Sanjay Chadha       Wandering Safety, Tools and Technologies
Wandering alert systems are not all created equal - in fact they are very different in cost , their usefulness and which one would work for you would depend on your requirements. It is important to understand the different solutions before making the purchase decision.

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