Comparison chart

Project Lifesaver LoJack SafetyNet Various GPS Units SafetyLINK
Technology RF RF A-GPS Local RF
Direct to Consumer No No Yes Yes
Battery Life 30 days 30 days Avg 2-3 days 1-year
Waterproof Yes Yes No Yes (IP-64)
Wearable Yes -
Yes -
Depends on unit Yes
(Wristband, Clipon, Keyfob, Pendant)
Remove to Charge No No Yes No
Geofencing/Perimeter Notifications No No Yes Yes
SOS Button No No Depends on unit Yes
Caregiver Monitoring/ Live Tracking Online No No Yes Yes
Police Involvement Necessary Yes Yes No No
Set Up Fee $300 $99 $69.95 - $300.00 $179-$269
Monthly Fee
None for first year.
Agencies may charge fee for battery
& wristband replacements.
$30 $20 - $40 $3.99
24x7 Monitoring No No No $3.99 Optional
Automatic Notification to Friends/Family No No No Yes
30 day Trial No No No Yes
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How does Anchor-WP work
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How does Anchor-PA work