Why SafetyAnchor ?

SafetyAnchor was created for one reason to enable families to provide cost
effective safety to their family members.

safety and security of seniors citizens

Safety and Security of Seniors Citizens

safety and security of seniors citizens

Wandering Protection and Safety of Autistic Children

safety and security of seniors citizens

Wandering Protection and Safety of Alzheimer's patients

Wandering Protection and Safety of Autistic Children

Autism wandering

The best Wireless Wandering protection solution!

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Anchor Wandering Protection System

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Anchor Shoe Clip-on button - providing wandering safety

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Monitor the safety of your child from anywhere - home, office, or on the go.

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SafetyAnchor Personal Safety Products - Manage the safety of your family with minimum monthly charges.

Why SafetyAnchor?

SafetyAnchor was created to enable families to provide a robust and cost-effective safety solution for family members. SafetyAnchor achieves this in two ways:

  1. Alerts family, friends, neighbours, and nearby volunteers to assist in emergency situations, and uses monitoring services only when this help is not available.
  2. Uses existing and available resources – home internet and smartphones to eliminate cost of data usage.

How does SafetyAnchor work?

SafetyAnchor Wandering Protection (WP) provides safety to your loved one by generating alerts when your loved one leaves home at unexpected times or wanders out of boundaries. Anchor sends SMS alerts, smartphone notifications, automated voice calls, and email alerts to selected and registered caregivers, family members, and friends. more...

Safety Need for Autistic Children

The wandering of individuals outside of boundaries remain among the top causes of death within the autism population. Wandering outside of boundaries can lead to death caused by drowning, prolonged exposure to environmental hazards, and other dangerous scenarios. An online poll conducted by the National Autism Association emphasized that over 90% of parents with Autistic children reported that their autistic children have a tendency to wander outside of boundaries. An Interactive Autism Network study performed in 2011 found that almost half of all children wander. Here are more related facts:

  1. Autism affects 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys, and these figures are growing
  2. Nearly half of children with autism have a tendency to wander off
  3. Wandering occurs across all settings, under every type of adult supervision
  4. Autism is the fastest-growing severe developmental disability in the U.S., with an average annual cost estimated at $60,000 per family

Safety from Wandering Tendencies with SafetyAnchor

Safety at Home – SafetyAnchor and button pair to create a wireless tether which is used to keep your child safe.

Each time your child enters the home, the anchor automatically forms a wireless tether to the button and signals this with a low audio beep. In the case that your child wanders outside of the home at an unexpected time, the tether is disconnected and the anchor generates an alert with a loud audio alarm. Depending on the configuration of the SafetyAnchor system by the user, alerts can also be sent to mobile devices either as a text message or a notification to a smartphone.

Call for Help – At any time, the child can press the "SOS" button and a "call for help" alert is automatically sent to your choice of family, friends and neighbours.

Safety in School – When the child reaches school equipped with a SafetyAnchor, the SafetyButton automatically forms a wireless tether with the anchor within the school. When the wireless tether between the anchor and the button is disconnected at an unexpected time, an alert is sent to a set of pre-configured parties, which may include school authorities and the children's parents.

Safety on Vacation – You can take the anchor device with you on your vacation, turn it ON, pair the device with the button, and ensure the safety of your children at all times.

Safety at Theme Parks – When worried about your children wandering away at a theme park, use your smartphone to tether the button to; if the child wanders too far, the tether breaks and an audio alarm is generated.

Community-Based Safety – With a growing community of SafetyAnchor users, members can assist in the search of a missing person. When a community member comes in proximity (within 150 feet) of the missing person, the location of this person is automatically sent to the SafetyAnchor server which informs the guardians of the missing person.

With SafetyAnchor WP, no child can unexpectedly wander away from home, school, when on vacation, or during other outings without generating a notification alarm.

Your child is safe with SafetyAnchor.

Why Anchor-WP is the best Wandering protection system?


Comparison – SafetyAnchor WP – A Personal Solution for the Management of Wandering Tendencies

SafetyAnchor is a 21st century solution that uses the latest technologies; Internet, smartphones, wireless Internet, and crowd sourcing power to grow a community formed of families, friends, caregivers, and neighbours that create a robust safety solution. SafetyAnchor brings the community together by enabling community members to assist each other in emergency situations. The following advantages outline key differences between SafetyAnchor and competing personal safety systems:

  1. Local personal protection solution for wandering tendencies, monitored by family and friends.
  2. Protection everywhere – at home, at school, on vacation, at theme parks, and at many other settings.
  3. Community-based safety – using the help of community members to locate a missing child.
  4. Enables caregivers to remotely monitor safety.
  5. Cost–effective solution with low monthly costs.
  6. Cost –effective 24/7 monitoring services for times when the family is not available to assist.

Detailed comparison of SafetyAnchor to existing products is outlined here .

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