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Integrated mass notification

Safety Need for Colleges & Universities

There is a certain need for safety on university and college campuses. The statistics clearly demonstrate that thousands of crimes take place on college campuses daily. In 2001 alone, 610 murders and 11,659 robberies were reported across college campuses in America. [2] From 2005 to 2007, more than 100 murders, 16,000 assaults, and 10,000 forcible sexual assaults were reported on college campuses – amounting to an average of more than nine sexual assaults per day. [3]


1. "Summary Campus Crime and Security Statistics – Criminal Offenses". 2005. US Department of Education
2. Department of Postsecondary Education Aggregated Data For Calendar Years 2005 – 2007


Personal Safety with Safety Anchor

Safety Anchor leverages the power of smartphones, wireless internet, crowd sourcing, cloud computing, and a small, easy-to-wear button to create a powerful campus safety solution. In a real world emergency situation where mere seconds can make a difference, a mobile phone cannot always be used to call for help. Realistically, there is not enough time to locate the phone, dial the emergency number, wait for the operator, explain the situation, and provide your location.

The Safety Anchor device incorporates a cost-effective and easy-to-use button which can be quickly and discreetly pressed in order to send the stress signal immediately and intelligently, with emphasis on the need to locate the mobile phone. The Safety Anchor device automatically informs not only emergency services, but also campus security who are much closer in proximity and understand the layout of the campus better than other emergency staff. In addition, friends and family close to the user in need are informed as they may also be in a position to assist. By using Safety Anchor, a quick and discreet push of a button triggers emergency responses from a number of sources, significantly enhancing the safety of university and college campuses.

Safety Anchor provides safety and security within university and college campuses through the following methods:

Discreet Call for Help


Press and hold the panic button for 3 seconds and the campus security staff will immediately be notified with the location and details of the person in need. The nearby community within the campus will also be notified – so help is always close by.

Unlike fixed emergency phone calls, the victim does not have to remain next to the phone. The individual can be located by campus police using a smartphone as a scanner.

Safety Anchor devices work in basements, underground parking garages, and other areas where GPS and public data networks are not available using Safety anchor devices.

SafetyLINK B2B

Integrated Mass Notification

SafetyLINK B2B

Notify faculty members, contractors, security staff, and students on campus. Send notifications based on their locations as well as roles and responsibilities.

In the case of a lockdown situation, the campus police can relay a notification to all students with the Safety Anchor app and alert them of any life-threatening situation.

Safety in numbers

Safety Anchor brings together members of a college or university quickly and effectively. Any time the Safety Anchor help button is pressed within a campus, the security staff and other registered members within the campus are notified. This way the person in danger is not alone, as members and staff arrive at the scene within seconds of the incident, reducing the chance of a crime to occur.

Comparison - Safety Anchor with Personal Safety Device for Colleges & Universities

Safety Anchor is a 21st century solution that uses the latest technologies; Internet, smartphones, wireless Internet, and crowd sourcing power to grow a community formed of families, friends, and community members that create a robust safety solution. Safety Anchor brings the community together by enabling community members to assist each other in emergency situations. The following advantages outline key differences between Safety Anchor and competing personal safety systems:

  • Protection everywhere – both at home and on campus.
  • Community–based safety – members coming together to come to the aid of those in need.
  • Cost – effective solution with no monthly costs for end users.
Comparison - SafetyLINK and others
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